Palgrave Utility Room

Posted on 20 May 2013

Feather Edge Cladded utility room for a private client Situated amongst the beautiful Suffolk country side, we happily designed, manufactured and erected this small but spacious utility based room. The main function of which to store linen and other cleaning supplies for the on site holiday lodges Jobs like this really highlight the speed and simplicity that timber frame has to offer. Being a small job we consider not only the timber frame but additional finishes such as windows, doors insulation and internal wall finishes. Jobs like this are a carpenters dream and with such grateful and valued customers such as ours the project was completed to the highest standard. 20130520-064402 PM.jpg 20130520-064411 PM.jpg 20130520-064419 PM.jpg 20130520-064435 PM.jpg 20130520-064448 PM.jpg